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What does it mean to be a successful Artist? We asked Artists what it means to them...

Earlier this year, Loxley did some research by asking Artists to answer a number of questions – starting with:


What would living and being a successful artist look like to you?



The clearer the picture of what we want from our life, the easier it is to achieve it.  No one person will have the same picture as someone else, we’re all wonderfully unique.  Maybe you’re working to have more impact on the world, to inspire others to make positive changes.  Or to provide your family with the best conditions to grow in.  It could be seeking freedom for yourself; financially, time or place – the freedom to live the way you want, where you want, doing what you love and with who you want.


Ben Smith muses over the research findings;


Many of the responses we received to that first question showed that ‘peace of mind’, support and appreciation are what so many of us crave for.   Another interesting observation is the “connecting/collaborating” with others, and “independence.”  Whether these are opposed to each other or not probably deserves another post but I guess we could offer up the “independence to choose who and why we connect with others” as a possible way to view this.


What I was surprised at is how many artists mentioned the matter of finance and earnings.  Maybe the word ‘success’ has more connotations with finances than the many other areas of success, but in any case it is an important one.   Many people have issues around money; it’s corrupting power, greed, materialism etc, however I invite you to view it simply as a token system for swapping things that you, I and others need at times.  For a lot of artists,  there exists a tension between painting for money and painting for purely intrinsic factors.


Below are some extracts out of the responses from Artists, do they strike a chord or are you ready to declare your own unique and personal vision?


I would earn enough from my artwork to continue to paint what inspires me and is meaningful to me


My art would be sought after and new releases eagerly awaited.


Keeping my work sufficiently creative and innovative to make it the best job in the world, ......whilst paying the bills


Having a joyful place to create and feeling confident to charge my worth .


Being able to afford to live the life I love doing what I love to do .


It would be a choice I choose moment by moment , I always have chosen to be engaged or not as the mood takes me , I may not always want to do it , there have been times when I haven't and that felt better.


The freedom to follow my artistic instincts without worrying about the bills.


To work in a dry, spacious studio, surrounded by developing work and amid a 'scrapbook' of influences.


Having a consistent income from selling originals, to a growing list of enthusiastic collectors.


 Art for a living; not just scraping through but enabling holidays, events, supporting my family and giving back.


Being able to work with people that I click with and enjoy being around, sharing creative visions, financially sustained by my art.


I would always have quality materials to continually produce artworks. I would have a gallery or an agent marketing my work, freeing me to develop my practice.


It would mean a stronger feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.


Having the space and time and money to be myself and create art.


I would be a master of whatever medium or niche area of Art I choose to practise in . I would be financially secure also.


I would have my own well-equipped studio/gallery in a busy part of town. I would also have gallery representation and achieve regular sales of work.


To remain true to myself, to be comfortable with the work I produce and my reasons for creating the work.


Creating more art for me, bringing more sunshine and fun to my life.


Knowledge and appreciation of my artwork globally, and a reliable income.  Respect by the establishments/arts councils/ peers.



How about YOU?  Can you picture yourself, confidently and joyfully being yourself?  Allowing your unique creativity to flow unabated into your art?  Creating art that you love with ease and feeling delight when you see other people investing in and supporting you, eager to experience more of your Creativity and works.


Note down what it is that you want from your life, what do you want more of?  What’s the most important values to you?   The clearer you are about your ideal ‘picture’ the sooner it will become your reality.


Please be free to share your own vision in the comments below, not only will it help you by putting it ‘out there’ in writing, it will inspire others to create their own.


We'll be reviewing the responses to the question "What’s between where you are now and where you want to be, and what currently stops you?" in our next blog post.


For many artists, they found this reflective exercise very rewarding in itself, you too can do the survey (see picture to the right)


If you would like to have a live webinar, phone or webchat with a coach, please ask what options are currently available.




Loxley Arts is a progressive organistation dedicated to helping Artists fulfil and live their Dream


defensorem artis pictorem

is Latin for "defender of art and painter"

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Loxley branding update announcement

4 Feb 2018

Exciting moment!  This month, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, slogan, strapline, and the refined mission statement that states who we are.   Our new look will be coming out over the coming months on printed literature including our new catalogue, on social media and on many of our products.  Our website is to relaunched in October 2018 with additional services to the Artists' community.

We believe the new look reflects the Loxley experience that we’ve been building since 1994; meaningful products and services that support creativity, give greater opportunity and fulfillment, and celebrates the Artists’ Life.

Ready to see it?  Then scroll down...

As well as our full logo you will see our simplified logo embossed on our easels and canvases;



Loxley is a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfill and live their dream.


Our Roots and Background;


The first step of our refining was taken by our founder in identifying his inner, deep core values and how these have guided the Loxley brand.  For what purpose is Loxley here?  Why have we resonated with so many wonderful artists?

After much soul-searching, meditation and passionate discussion, we drilled down into Loxley’s deepest values and history in order to articulate our mission and clarify our future vision.


Our roots go back to an area of Sheffield named Loxley where we started, which is renowned for its heritage and the birth of many a legend.


The new Loxley logo created.

 We set out our design brief to better communicate our core values to the users we serve, and worked closely with a team of experts to create something that worked.


As well as sharing the same birthplace, it dawned on us that Robin of Loxley actually developed similar qualities that have laid in our foundation since we started. Robin’s relentless passion for what was just, his unwavering talent, along with his loyalty to his community, produced one of the safest areas of England where the people flourished and the finest craftsmen and bowmen developed their skills and artistry.


The original sketch of Robert de Loxley -

better known as Robin Hood -

that became the inspiration for the logo.

We added the Robin Hood character placed centrally to add personality to the brand. Here Robin is crouched in all his strength and expertise ready to shoot an arrow - or is that a paint brush?!  The feather in his quiver is a symbolic connection with our previous logo.


For the lettering we have used a modern font to communicate the fact that we are moving with the demands and needs of the current day. We have added a dot under the ‘O’ so that the brand is easily recognised as well as provoking the imagination and a feeling of mystery.


We have always been an English brand and wherever we roam, this will always be true.


The final touch was to add our motto in three words of Latin (an old English tradition) which reminds us why we serve and what our mission is.  The words defensorem artis pictorem translate to "defender of art and painter" - and sums up what Loxley Arts are about.


We also have a new Strap-line which you will see used as a celebration of all things Art:



“An Artists Life”™


Says it all!



Loxley Core Values


So what was the result of our Values Exercise?


Goodness – The quality of doing what’s just and morally acceptable is the cornerstone of trust.

Humility – We humbly seek to develop an understanding  of the needs of our customers, and products and services to meet these.

Profitability – We are committed to thoughtful planning and responsive management in all sectors of the company to ensure sustainability.

Meaningful Engagement – We are committed to the betterment and development of the people and communities we work among.


You've read this far, and we'd love to engage with you!  We can't wait to see what opportunities there are for helping you fulfill and live your artistic dreams.  Please get in touch or connect on social media and start a collaboration with Loxley today.


What do these values mean to you?  It's been a deeply thought provoking experience settling on our four most important values.   Have you tried this?  If you could choose only four core values to live by, what would they be?


If you like our new logo please share!




If you don’t – then please forgive us!